Georgia Tech Leadership Fellow ( 2022, 2023)

The Leadership Fellows Program is a flagship initiative of The Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) Office, a department within the Division of Student Life. This program professionally trains Georgia Tech Master's, Ph.D. students, faculty, staff, and alumni interested in serving as leadership coaches. This training enables the coaches to develop others and become next-generation leaders in academia. 

The objective of this program is, 'develop yourself while developing others'. The program allows coaches to enhance their existing leadership and coaching abilities through curated training sessions regularly. Coaches would be able to gather 360-degree feedback to sharpen their leadership skills.  

Currently, I am coaching 1 undergraduate and 1 graduate student at GeorgiaTech. 

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Facilitator for Grand Challenges (Spring 2022)

Grand challenges facilitate the undergraduate students to think about some of the fundamental problems related to energy, environment, water, natural disaster, food, health, education, security, and shelter.  Each team identifies opportunities to solve some of the problems listed above and implement their solutions in society. This year-long journey is facilitated by the facilitators who work as mentors to the teams. 

I facilitated 2 teams of a total of 11 students. One team worked in the area of detecting unexploded ordinances while the other team explored the idea of reducing asthma-related issues due to mold formation in swampy neighborhoods. We brainstormed possible solutions. Finally, the teams zeroed on one practical solution. In fall-2022, the teams will focus on preparing a demo of their solution and evaluate the possibility of scaling the project to commercial purposes.   

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